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morganboy0ify says:


Kevin Cabral says:

LMAO! That guy in the red kills me lolllll

kabascoolr says:

hahahhahaha.. that guy bro.

AnastasijaK1997 says:

The man in the red makes this video.

callum lacey says:

Fulla in red is flippin Gold!!

Kemiztri says:


Andrea H says:

There is no “ZUMBA” steps. This specific dance is brazilian funk, axe. Any kind of Brazilian dance is going to put an emphasis on booty and hips…and the instructor does a great job. Not enough instructors incorporate axe, samba, bachata, greek, quebradita, etc….I know a lot that think Zumba = PitPull and Reggeton/Pop only. I don’t know why either, when we go through B1 training the specifically say 80% Latin and 20% international.

Jake Bailey says:

the real danca do creu is shaking your huge butt as fast that you can

delicious1877 says:

lol at the man in red this is hilarious

donnei1992 says:

That guy looks lost

kouichi172 says:

That lady is teaching them wrong. Isso não é passinho do Creu!!!!!

1997applebottom4lyfe says:

The guy in the red kills me !

SanDiegoZumbaJam says:

thank u! zumba <3

SanDiegoZumbaJam says:

Dança do Creu by MC Creu

SanDiegoZumbaJam says:

There are no specific Zumba steps…Zumba is also hip hop, salsa, merengue, samba, cumbia, reggaeton, african, cuban rumba, flamenco, tango, bachata, calypso, soca, bhangra, belly dance, reggae, dancehall reggae, boogaloo, swing, quebradita, mambo, lambada, greek, cha cha…and many more 😀 !!! Zumba is just based on a format of moves that repeat. Every song has its own set of moves for that song. With flexibility to do many different rhythms Instructors can work different muscles.

SanDiegoZumbaJam says:

thank you! “less is more”…I like that! 

Crystal Banks says:

where are their joints? this is a really freaky song too

wildflower8 says:

I LOVE the way the instructor moves…would love to be able have a sense of my own body and style like that. Less is more sometimes, and when you get to the MORE part, then you own it like no one else!

Nellie K. Adaba says:

Viva Zumba!

nobruxstyle says:

yes i knew that before ,i just dont got the point on BRAZILIAN FUNK ZUMBA ….or is BRAZILIAN FUNK (wich in the true is FUNK CARIOCA) or is ZUMBA …zumba is all ready a huge mix off whateaver ,wich has nothing to do with dance …so i just feel people re going over the limits for money …. eu entendi qual foi a sacacao do cara q criou isso,so falou com o respeito a cultura brasileira ,mas enfim….

whiner00 says:

z umba is just a name to sell what people have b doing for more than 20 years in Brazil a mix of aerobics +afro brazilian rhythm +dance. taking classes in a brasilia academy of dance made made the zumba guy rich.  O cara foi muito esperto, aprendeu tirou proveito d algo q brasileiros vem fazendo por muitos anos e ta cada vez mais rico.

nobruxstyle says:

sorry ,can somebody tell me what is ZUMBA? i cant see any zumba step or basics please hope somebody can tell me what is this ZUMBA style ,thanks

natashaburr0108 says:

Whats the name of the song?

Danny Parrow says:

At 2:48 ask that girl number for me thanks 😀

TheFranciellytavares says:

I’s very good, a like this. BRASIIIL FOREVEER, mis brasil 🙁

SanDiegoZumbaJam says:

Thank you to everyone for the kind comments!
My class is wonderful AND I teach at the best gym in San Diego…the Pacific Athletic Club.

1020paige says:

Great choreography! I LOVE that the old guy is hangin’ in there! Awesome! Obviously Zumba is for everyone!!!!!


Mc creu

wildancefit says:

I love your gentleman student in white shorts. Love them when they feel it.

RynoDaBeast says:

mc creu

OOfania says:

Who sings this song??? Please lol

ayoumansful says:

I think the man in the red shirt is wonderful! Way to stay healthy, and to try new things, sir.

Krazii3Travii3za13 says:

I love this song. i think u sudda stay with the originial coreography….

cotynita says:

easy to learn the basic!

mrskaylee says:

This is good you guys look happy!! In my class i teach the original routine from the mc creu vídeos to a bunch of marines and they love it lol!!! Zumbalove sweetie

jjdering says:


distantguy11 says:

wow.. you can move..

eternalcomps says:

So glad you reposted this!!

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