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RIO REAL, INTENSE, OUTCOME!Get ready to change your routine as you dance like never before to this INTENSE Brazilian & Latin Fusion. Reshape your body, as you learn how to move to today’s HOTTEST dance mix! Samba, Merengue, Bachata, Reggaeton, Salsa, samba mix with salsa, samba mix with hip hop, Batucada, AXE samba and much more. you can contact us at [email protected] on Fb


riolatinimpact says:

RIO AWESOME! 😉 we’ll be waiting for you my RIO SWEDEN CHALLENGER 😉

sexyboombii says:

Lol in sweden. But I would love to join u when I come to brazil!

riolatinimpact says:

Yeap, working those bundas and abs the RIO WAY my friend 😉

waffelsaregood222 says:

LOL I swear the instructor stated at that chicks ass for a second

vcfirefox says:

whore factory :p

monikareyesmr says:

Who sings this song

riolatinimpact says:

So glad you are enjoy RIO! 😉 we have several location in Miami, please check us out on fb [email protected] . Keep it RIO my friend , muah 😉

Isabel R. says:

Omg where is this!?

riolatinimpact says:

At your RIO Command DVD coming out RIOSoon! 🙂 Keep it RIO my friend it does a body RIOGreat!! check us out on fb [email protected] 😉

corazonscito1 says:

She gotta make her own dvd to do this at home

riolatinimpact says:

We would love to have you ;-) where are you located?

sexyboombii says:

I want to join you us guys but where?

eriklocs says:

I want to go and sit in the back and watch the booty shaking.

riolatinimpact says:

– Come join us 😉

riolatinimpact says:

– Thank you, come join us ;-)

DjVixen100 says:

I want to take a class

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