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Brazilian Dances performed at the UN (UNWG) charity event in Vienna, Austria. Nov 28, 2009.


lilj1377 says:

The only real samba I saw is when they where dancing to fanfarra the one with all the drums

Koneko0289 says:

That’s how it is in Brazil… especially during Carnival one of it’s biggest celebrations… They are not ashamed to show off the body. It’s not a big deal there like it is in some other countries. I’m sure the children are quite used to seeing things like this by now. It’s just a part of their culture.

peoplesgirl890 says:

i like the dance moves but…. wahtha fuck is thi sit ireally hate the prt when the gurls got half naked and the butt cheeks where showing children is there fucking assholes otherthanthat great performments nice

Yoko Lee says:

That is Cuban not Brazilian

anahelena79 says:

Most songs and dances are not Brazilian at all. It´s sort of salsa, rumba, whatever and it is spanish spoken!!!.

Micka Rosario says:

what song is the samba???

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