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Brazil wants to count every tree in the Amazon forest.

Can you imagine how many trees there are in the Amazon?

Brazil’s National Forest Inventory has undertaken a survey project that they hope will help with the Amazon Rainforest conservation effort.

Taking a survey and accounting for each tree in the Amazon is a daunting task.

By taking samples of data at 20 thousand different locations at 12 mile intervals, the National Forest Inventory hopes to get a better picture of the ecosystem of the rainforest, and take measures to protect it.

Over the next four years, teams of scientists will take a census of trees that includes the species, size, soil type, biomass carbon and even how the local people interact with the tree.

The Amazon rainforest is home to an enormous amount of biodiversity that has been threatened over the years by deforestation and commercial interests.

But Brazil has committed to decreasing the amount of rainforest that is destroyed each year to 80 percent less than in 2004.

There are many unique and rare species that live in the Amazon, which is the largest tropical rainforest in the world.

Freshwater dolphins, electric eels, and giant anaconda snakes are among the many interesting and unique species that live in the Amazon.


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