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Brazil Dance Mix 2012 *Become a fan on Facebook:


hani almutairi says:

Brazil is the best,even though im not from there god bless them <3

Alex Rico says:

Ai se eu te pego – Michel Telo ft. Pitbull
Samba – Bellini
Magdalena – Sergio Mendez
Besos en la boca – Axe Bahia

Jordan White says:

WOW AMAZING! Can’t wait until I move out and fly to Brazil for the Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro

Caramelbeauty852 says:

@alex Rico could you post up a tracklist please

thiago barbosa says:

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Rachel R. says:

Listen to Party Like a Brazilian

earth2syd says:

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Alex Rico says:

Besos en boca.

Maria Hernandez says:

whats the song called 9:22

sexx1192 says:

L <33

MrItaliano1900 says:

what is brasil dance?

艾倫 胡 says:

so great!! I want to move my ass and shake my hands when I hear it!!

utusan neraka says:

good job rico

Ricky Godemberg says:


Antoine De Oliveira says:

éu adoro boa calidade de musica

legahabbo says:

Ya pas de la capoëra dedant ? ( Jens fait 😉

DJStarnuto says:

dance with me

DJStarnuto says:

dance with me

Alex Rico says:

Magdalena – Sergio Mendez

LWE112 says:

Im talking about the song that the guy is singing not the background song bro, when the guy says “Te te teterete”

Alex Rico says:

Hi Lwe.Samba- Bellini

Alex Rico says:

Thank u,Bro.Happy 2013.

Bazli Borhan says:

Alex Rico…amazing..keep it up….love Brazil

LWE112 says:

whats the song called 6:50

andradty says:

Muito bom..Parabé …

webtelles says:

Valeu Alex!!!! Abracao da Califa!

TakeshixStudios says:

ahh! what’s the song at 2012? sounds like a capoeira mix but I don’t know the capoeira song to being with haha somebody tell meeeeee

thanks 😀

carlos bernad says:

love it

cristian cortez says:

I love this song..



Margue Silva says:

Muito bom !!! 🙂

daniluchison says:

Las mejores de Venezuela?



wlvlimpeza luis vieira says:

i love remix

wlvlimpeza luis vieira says:

i love you music brazil …. end portugal

MissRelak says:

I love Brazilian music! love it when there’s a mix of drum beats! makes it traditional! not that electro stuff :

Alex Rico says:

Thank you,Blessings.

Rainmaker2212 says:

This remix is amazing. Well done my friend !

TheInFamousNobodys says:

american , but LOVING this music .

Keita Djibril says:

i love you music brazil

Leticia Desouza says:

como faco para comprar esse Mix, nao moro no Brazil eu tenho que baixar

nata ayon says:

esta chido felicidades

wietplantje100 says:

w o w

Lourdes Pereyra says:

tenia que ser pitbull cagando la cancion ¬¬

Veroo francisco says:


Puffy43357 says:

i love this music

Alex Rico says:

Ai se eu te pego – Michel Telo ft.Pitbull

NobleDj100 says:

what is the name of the first song?

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