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brasil dance, samba, turkish airport….


MonsieurRibah says:

Brazilian messing abroad shame!!! ¬¬

aterciopeladita says:

Afff Bola de matutos tudos com cara de pobre!!! Esse povo ate parece que nunca viajou na sua vida e procura qualquer oportunidade pra aparecer!! Que impressao devem ter deixado do brasil?! ninguem merece!

sayajinShogun says:

vixxxxx… cambada de farofeiros :D:D:D até parece :(((

Fernando Moreira says:

Capoeira is a great exercice 4 ur min & ur body! Enjoy it!

chicopolino says:

HAHAHA Como brasileiro é exibido2 !! Fazer oq, né

Sheenah Singh says:

★♥♫*★❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤★*♫♥★¸.•*´¯)★(((♥)))♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥(((♥)))★★*♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥(((♥))) ENCANTADA DE SALUDARTE 🙂 PEACE, LOVE & LIGHT! PAZ, AMOR & LUZ! “Never abandon your dreams until you have reached; believe in yourself and go very far” your friend and singer from Miami SHEENAH & Cuban Brazilian Hindu When you listen my songs are guaranteed to hear a song with meaning, poise, and a little attitude mixed with Latin flavor, Brazilians and the tact of the Middle Eastern.

noggernogger says:

That is right, Turkey did not have 9-11. They have the PKK. You do not want to swap, believe me.

Lolaskyblue says:

lollll ça s’appelle une arrivée en fanfare!

TheSambaqueen says:

do you know paloma gomes and her song canta bahia? i love this music 🙂

Ruffitsme says:

Какие у них попы… всегда восхищался попами бразильянок :-[

MeTaLiXe says:

LOLLLLLLLL GOOOD ONE!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha

tudgemyster says:

if it was in england … and safety and ‘performance
licence’ would stop it.

AntaresInScorpius says:

lmao, those turksh guys are standing around, like “wtf???”

AntaresInScorpius says:

turkeye didnt experience 9-11 like the states did, moron.

MJSH30 says:

that is cool


brazil used to be reconized by cultural diversity , beatyful people and soccer , but now by econimics reasons ,the giant is waking up . brazil rules

La Flaka Acabando says:

echaa amo los brazileños- saludos desde cuba caballeo, mucha alegria para ustedes jeje

stafylides says:

must have seemed strange to the Turks

MaratBZ48 says:

Capoeiraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…:D <3

mumufante says:

Bonitos, mi esperanza latinoamericana…a pesar de las contradicciones.

NirexJava says:

HaloHomer, We are not “North-American” Who are Hated by almost all world, we are South-American people also we are the ppl who european and some other country loves more than yours…

dannyhere says:

hope they did not come to my homeland

fofinhoazul says:

a vida deve ser vivida assim…gostei

sabiaprudencia says:

que rica samba!

11sirus11 says:

Has to be damn fun to travel with them :o))) Id love to be in the plane with them :o))

Luciano5514 says:

Fico imaginando o povo no aeroporto….voos atrasados, comida cara….e ainda um batucada dessa…vamos combinar, né….

Dennis Dreyer says:

Nice vid dude!

lutc06 says:

pra tdo tem lugar e hora ne… puta merda…

leonardoborges says:

Aff… que vontade de aparecer!

ppappose says:

bwuahaha eles dancando no aeroporto, show de bola.

só brasileiros mesmo!

danielcury says:

this is not samba, actually, but Capoeira rythm… anyway, it’s good to knwo that brazilian culture is well received…

iedamaria says:

Nao capitei a mensagem

BrennerMaschinenbau says:

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thewomangrunge says:


crestfallen999 says:

sergio mendes-
this is probably the song. it was in dance with me, with vanessa williams

mongobobo says:

Magalenha (Sergio Mendez)

GabrielitaNumero1 says:

Brazilians should be extremely proud of their culture,

jamaicasonoraful says:

é mesmooo hahaha

Max Araujo says:

os gringo pagam mó rajada pros Brazuca..falam mal daki mas se cagam de vontade de poder ter nascido brasileiro….hsuhsuhauhauhsuhsuhsuahuaha

anepvh says:

como brasileiro é exibido auhauahua

bahiadebrazil says:

If you are a fan of brazilian music, check out Paloma Gomes and her song Canta Bahia

FayOhFay says:

anyone know that song that goes li ke eh’ hei eh hei eh hei , then theres a cool beat drum its a fast paced dancing song its in those dancing movies.

GuimaBH says:

Brasil e mais que capoeira e samba..

poder80 says:

you think them turkish dudes wanted to smack that ebony ass or what?

ryan82296 says:

otimo! Why can’t I ever book a flight like that? 🙂

firetigerchic says:

Makes you wanna go hang with them! lol

Dhekka HK says:

eh capoeira… e.e… nao eh exatamente muica brasileira .. pq o brasil n tem uma musica definida .. nem stilo de musica definido.. o brasil eh uma mistura de musica e estilos..
a capoeira eh africano .. mas tem forte influencia no brazil

its capoera music ..not exactly brazilian music cuz brazilian music is a mix of everything…style.. and music..
Capoera is african but is one strong rithm in brazil

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