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Harlem Shake. Everything is BIGGER at THE University of Texas! Presented by the University Co-op Song Credit: Baauer – Harlem Shake Some of our favorite Harlem Shake videos: The Harlem Shake v1 (TSCS original) (by TheSunnyCoastSkate) Harlem Shake (original army edition) (by Kenneth Håkonsen) UGA Men’s Swim & Dive Harlem Shake (by theGeorgiaMens SwimmingDiving) Harlem Shake v3 (office edition) (by hiimrawn)


zombiesuicide1986 says:

Fuck voting faggot.

Syed Mahmood says:

Cant get bigger than this one here watch?v=vL9A80qwTOc

marina00ish says:

RunescapeVote- 750,000 Makes the 2007 sever Free So vote you dicks

marina00ish says:

RunescapeVote- 750,000 Makes the 2007 sever Free So vote you dicks

EmedSoft says:

I did one with my friend’s at school , check it out : 🙂

maudevision says:

I found Waldo 🙂

JASEM23Q says:


Leonatwork says:

So nobody noticed the guy at 17 riding the bike across the video?? :/

EastDallasCrew says:

Like is you saw Lil Wayne lol

Emily Woo says:

Omfg. My friends and cousins go there.

Quinten Johnson says:


Vlad Esanu says:

:D:D:D whaaa

Slug Slugster says:

Thumbs the fuck up

Mraff115 says:

Check out the my REVERSE MOTION HARLEM SHAKE on my channel!

likeymyself says:

OMG that’s crazyy!

stipka221 says:

Holy shit! Cool 🙂

Nicolas Lecrubier says:

Salut les gens si vous voulez vous marrer faites un tour sur ma chaîne !!!
J’ai fait un film avec uniquement mon portable et des potes et on a réussi à aller au festival du pocket film 😉

sugarcookies25 says:

Omg haha Hulk

Sebastian Lopez says:


Toussaint Vashon says:

3 spidermans! 2 gud

Fares Kon says:

Is that lil wayne on the front??

j1a2y3m4y5 says:

My bro was there!

Sofia Kritikaki says:

the hulk guy lool

tylershemwell01 says:

Somebody Tweeted “Republican Mitt Romney Your Hair Smell Like Feet” & “Big Thick Midget Butt.” I Said “Hell Naw.” Then Somebody Said…

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/I’m i doing too much/Or losing my touch/

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Gabriel C says:

good one! our romanian edition: /watch?v=phlWLU6PHsY&

noobsggwp says:

The harlem shake of Mikeus is comming..

zaktatack says:

Biggest gathering of steers and queers…

tdog4119 says:

Charmander was goin hard!!!

Countryboyreal1 says:

lmfao can’t stop laughing!

AlexKusey says:

Dang! XD

MyFruityShow says:

Spider-Man is raping the bike

Katlyn Robinson says:

RIP cats playing pianos. Harlem shake has officially taken over.

lolagalaviz says:

damm how many ppl is there?!

artemis kyriakou says:

GOODBYE gangnam style

BlakeCharlesNelson says:

Hello! 😀
I know most people wont read this but maybe one person will!
I woud love it if you check out my channel.
YouTube is my dream!
Thank you so much!

noam levi says:

nice one, check this one very funny /watch?v=DLc0lkV2zqY

TCF420 says:

check out my harlem shake 

keelydcarter says:

should’ve put bevo in there somewhere.

miaangelavlogz says:

Please check out my family and friends’s Harlem shake on my brother’s channel: Christian Gapuz

Srikanth Kaveli says:

Hulk is funny as hell!!! Shit just can’t stop laughing haha

jay turner says:

We are a family from England.Please,please check our version,we would really appreciate the view.Just click on my name,cheers!

darkbro19 says:

gotta love the fact that the harlem shake went from being something completely random to people just seeing how many people they can fit into a screen

emre civelek says:

En iyiside bu olmuş amk

Jada Castro says:

peep the incredible hulk 😉

Juice2545 says:


Interrupting Cow says:


MindifyOfficial says:

best one jet 🙂

soimboredandtesting says:

lil wayne on the left side? in green pants?

kalani thompson says:

That’s fuckin awesome !!!! XD

The5starSTUNNNA says:


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