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One of the best salsa dancing


123xxt says:

lol خخخخخخخخخخ

Andrea Giovanni Cipullo says:


KatiHathor says:

damn that girl can bend backwards

kinison56 says:

Worst salsa performance I have ever seen

Boa Hancock says:

that’d not being gentle!

رزان العتيبي says:

١:٠٩ م ادري ليه حسيتء البنت كانها كورةة

AmyAter says:

it’s not a film, its a variety show known as “So You Think You Can Dance” :)

lucho sanchez says:

Damm this guy dance very gay……i am not jealous to dance this salsa….))))

mahadewa akbar says:


kendrat199 says:

….I love Nigel

Sebastien Murday says:

What’s the film name?

fuzznose says:

yeah, Felix, you’re right…I’m jealous and I can’t do the same…..I thought it was pretty damned good dancing.

elias habte says:

1:02 not sure if she’s human or a soccer ball.

kevinicux says:


Heike Lauritsch says:

salsa crap

SHATENKA474 says:

can anybody tell me what`s the name of this music?

Samantha Parker says:


Vlad Sake says:


Cesar Coloma says:

Song name is I love Salsa by N Klabe, one of my favs groups for salsa, go Peru 🙂

jukes303 says:

Amazing !!!

Persia Alizay says:


Daisy Velasco says:

Esto no es salsa estas son mamadas!!!! Si quieren ver salsa de verdaad busquen la salsa de tepito!!!!!!

namekman01 says:

looks like more fun than sex, who wants to salsa

TheDancerall says:

Janette has been touring around the world and the US with the international balloom spectacular “Burn the floor” for the last 2 years, This is a salsa/ballroom dance to impress the judges. Janette ha estado en una gira internacional y en los estados Unidos por las ultimas 2 temporadas en el espectacular show “Burn the Floor” Janette es una bailarina profesional que utilizo esta estilo en especifico para impresionar al jurado.

Siebe Faes says:

Does someone know the song?

LeoniaCunha says:

I don’t know if you notice or if you know that this is ballroom salsa! And second of all, they do all this lifts and stuff to show what they are capable of to be in the show! And I don’t see the problem about the lifts in a salsa routine, it’s just make people appreciate more the performance because some people can not do it!

kevinicux says:


MrUreshi says:

dance peruvian…….ok

aquiles pacheco says:

i agree , i learned to dance salsa when i was 14 so i can tell you there is no limits to what dance can be , if they want to juggle chainsaws while dancing is their choice and not ours , our choice is to watch or not. and what u call ” nonsense” they call months of training.

oklbb101 says:

I personally don’t think this is one of the best salsa vids at all. She is a good overall dancer but to me, she looks stiff and fake. Either way, their partner work is pretty intense.

latinhokie09 says:

La cancion es salsa, una de las MEJORES para bailar!
La pareja tienen mucho talento para aser esos trucos, toma mucho tiempo y practica para poder aserlo con tanta nitides. Desgraciadamente ellos no saben como bailar salsa, ellos empesaron bailando “on one” pero no mantuvieron sus movimientos al sonido del baile. Si pudieran concentrarse talvez un poco menos en aser tantos trucos y enfocarse en mantener el ritmo de la musica serian verdaderos bailarines de la salsa.
Arriba la salsa! 😉

eugemartina says:

jajajjjajja, no dudo que esos trucos requieran MUCHÍSIMA práctica. Ello no implica que tengan q gustarme 😉 Y sobre gustos…

8dreadLock8 says:

that was great

TOURON2009 says:

perdone, pero de “feito” nada, no se trata de salsa en una fiesta en su casa o en un Night Club cualquiera, estos chicos son profesionales del Ballroom Dance, que es otra cosa, toma mucha practica lograr esos trucos, que son llamativos, a mi me gusta mas verlos hacer todos esos “trucos”, que ver una pareja bailar salsa igual a cualquier otra, no sea envidiosa, jaja

Heather Hollosy says:

wow soo jealous-i wish i could do this. 🙁

radamariquita says:

I love it!!!!!!

LalaGirl499 says:

I love salsa dance so much,its so amazing <3

eugemartina says:

Esto no es salsa…son trucos, uno al lado del otro. Lo poco que bailan, bastante feíto, je! Disculpen, pero no me gusta en nada el estilo. Besos

Joanna Palma says:

She betta werk

alexlanza79 says:

Great dancers: lifts are unbelievably hard, but I like other kind of salsa! A lot of respect to who posted it, but to me “best salsa”: another thing! They’re almost always out of music, they almost never hit music accents and if you put another song it’d sound the same ’cause basically they’re not properly following the music! I’m not critic about the routine, but it’s an objective thought! Salsa is dancing not just lifting! Other than that, it’s a really cool and very difficult routine! Great!

Elizabeth Quintero says:

Awww I used this song for my quinces 🙂
And yes this is salsa but just mainly tricks and lifts and what not. Still looks realllyy cool.

cukimonst3r says:

this was my ballroom teacher <3 looooooove you J!

TheStrawberry1223 says:


marwan .majid says:

amezing )))

Xa23able says:

i agree with you… and they dance very well but this isnt salsa!!!

hristan0v says:

N’Klabe – I Love Salsa

TingooKids says:

beautiful dance!

yvon412001 says:


jnyerere says:

what was the name of that song?

newnagasaki says:


I aint even mad, do you thing!

From Broward County with love.

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