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I cant find the name of this song!It’s not on this album “darbuka trance” .It was my fault.I didnt know it.Forgive meeeee! !!!!!!!!


savetheworld369 says:

i,m a boy and i love belly dance…i dance belly dance

Mehmet Ali Daş says:

Hiçmi türk yok amk lan burda. 😀

Nikki Parry-Wulff says:

makes me want to learn to belly dance 🙂

Zeph163 says:

Awesome ` whehey!

kalysable says:

أنا أحب هذه الموسيقى حقا، تحية طيبة
الله يكون معك..!

Sanaa Aslan says:

I’m an Arab, and I’m proud to say I’m good at this:3

Erniemarlina Sihab says:

If you’re not moving when u listen to this.. I pity u man hehehehe .. It’s so damn addictive!

FlatBeat88 says:

Im not even into belly dancing at all but this is awesome


супер яко

Nabil Tkt says:

ehehehe wai waiwaiwai wai mdrr ruinaaa

VasoOoify says:

ta spaeiiiiii

speroplas says:

αμα σου σκισω το κωλαρινι θα σου πω εγω εσενα!

اصيل المطوع says:

احلى شي ترقصين بحواجبتس به

selma selia says:

i love it

manishasbd318 says:

Love it

cathy lelo says:

i love belly.Belly is forever…

zlatislatkata says:

super ee

Shadowalh1o says:

Yl3n moo ma ynshaaaa3!

hannae bhatt says:

from this music i can practise belly dancing better

هيثم الحارثي says:


Shuradô Gakidō says:

Ouiyy when i listen to this ; i juste start to moving hhaha :p Loove it

koikaa096 says:

احلى شي ترقصين بحواجبتس به

esrer57 says:

روعه جدإن

KAYSERSOSE88888 says:

Alayinizin aq

فوح العبير says:

مرررررررررررررررررررررررررره نااااايس أحلى شي انهها بدوون مزيكا لايييييييييييكـ

king272722q says:


mafyya florin says:

OK .I like a melody

support1011 says:

That’s an Egyptian rythem

exo suju says:

wooow eyyyyy yeah ! 

rojjonesjr1 says:

you have great valles fome albanian !!

sobhan007 says:

Hahaha! :D

ivelin terziiski says:

axaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxxax 😉

officialmer says:

dancing is (the most fun) sport! 🙂

angel -m says:

LoOoOOoOL ^^

Erniemarlina Sihab says:

Hi guys anyone knows where can I get this darbouka album or cd? Pls help ! Really love this kind of music…lol. Thanks!

William Helms says:

mezdeke by yellow rose percussion is the name of this song

kalysable says:

Only three months,, 2 hours after eating and at night another hour, try it, dancing is really super, but losing weight is way too super,
pity that I have no photos…!

PalestineATW says:

Lol bellydancing isn’t the only thing they want to claim their’s along with Palestine. You also see them claiming hummus, falafel, tabouleh, coucous, baba ghanouj, dabke, shawarma, mloukhiyi, levantine salad & many other aspects of north African & levantine culture theirs. LOL.

The stupidest I’ve seen yet is trying to claim the keffiyeh is Israeli -.-

I’m anti-Zionist, not anti-Jewish… just to make that clear.

TheFaithy20 says:

OMG!!! masha allah OoO….can you plz tell me how many months did it take XD

sara vie says:


Cherlyn NEringa says:

name of the song?

nada green says:

It’s so nice Billy dance music
I was dancing when I heard it

closs3r says:

R.I.P The English Language.

mohamed gata says:



badr eddine dahdouh says:


zineb5959 says:

Aaaah sisiii l’Ambianceee!

malik lebnen baalbek says:

very nice lebanon i love you <3 b7ebak ya lebnennnnnnnnn

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