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here.. u can learn the basic steps 4 belly dance, hope u enjoy and learn them!


Gihan Chathurika says:

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bluishskin says:

Haha! Finally someone who understands my point! xD

Senada Haskovic says:

I would like to order this dvd all parts if somebody know where and give mi full adress please send me all informations on my e-mail [email protected] Thank you

Tota Anas says:

U’m Agree with u
U’m Arabian girl and the Dancers here never been so skinny like it 🙂

blu3baby24 says:

Whatever Lola wants brought me here, cheers!

qdmariebtd says:

I liked this. Now if I can just figure out how to continue with the lessons, I’ll be happy! 🙂

ImYourPooBrain says:


Candy Murillo says:

this shit looks old O_o good video though

WhitSnoGirl says:


alexjeremychannel says:

I’M a guy trying to learn this YEEEEEEEEAAAAAA

55Frumusika says:

Have you tried Slim Body Maximizer? (Google it) It is a quick way to lose fat fast.

thtboyneedstherapy says:

THEY WERE ON WHOSE LINE!!!!! they were awesome!!!!

Mileyca Op says:

its real hard and nice 😀 <3 i love belly dance!

TheMusicfan22 says:

i remember seeing this on FIT TV haha I use to do it all the time

LittleOneJace says:

I have such horrendous back and shoulders problems for my age (19, have tendinitis, scoliosis and just all round no fluidity anywhere!) but this is INCREDIBLE. While I may not be as graceful or posed as these beautiful women this is a fun, easy and most effective way to get myself to limber up! Please note I am seeing a physio and doing this at my own pace, don’t just jump in there if you have the same issues and are not under medical advice!

bluishskin says:

No, it DOESn’t really matter. 🙂

shangela wadley says:

Dose that really matter.

jattwentygz says:

I like this

Niloofar Zafari says:

what is the songggggggggggg? i need it

annette37a says:

it’s much more difficult than i thought.. :(((

Mariyah Long says:

I’m the only one in my family who can do the headslide

megaurav007 says:

It would be a shame for you not to build muscle when these other normal people do it so easily using Atomic Fat Loss (go google it).

ismailiarusa says:

maybe you’re too stiff, try to loosen up and just let your arms be kinda lazy 😛

bluishskin says:

Aw c’mon guys I was saying an opinion. No I never said anything about them being anorexics and not accepting women of all shapes. Of course I appreciate these girls for performing belly dance and anyone interested in learning it. Just saying, a little bit more of body mass will be better. If not, then it’s fine. Cheers! 😉

fitjedessy says:

they have curves

iloveeastenders2 says:

r u both twins yee are good movers

PlanetEarthSupport says:

4 Pretty Pete ….. although this might b a bit of a challenge! Mwaaaaaaaaaaah

Angelique Hensen says:

I really really can NOT do the headslide. to left and right .no matter how how hard i try….
I think i miss some muscles in my neck or something;(

denisprowl says:

keep practicing you may not get the fluidity right away, but it will come with time just keep practicing…..good luck!!

aerostorm77 says:

Best video of seen for beginners. Thank you!


whoa are you gals twins or sisters?

Evelyn Alfonso says:


CharlotteElbourne says:

Hot damn…. just went through all 4 videos for the first time, but man was it fun! Im not that good, but if I keep doing this every day I think I’ll get lots better! 😀 This is a fun way to excersize!!!

AlenaMxoxo says:

So Good 🙂

Charlotte Fairchild says:

The videos are also for sale. One had a baby before she made this video I think.

Frenchie0NYC says:

i got hypnotized

Anne Fox says:

Thank you! This is beautiful.

alexandrafowl says:

My ARMS are killing me ,,,,, but thanks.. 🙂

vllamas08 says:

I think we should be accepting of women of all shapes. They are definitely not anorexic. I’m just happy to have a way to learn.

vllamas08 says:

I have been fasinated by belly dancing since I was little. I am trying to be frugal and decided to look online for a belly dancing video. I am sooo grateful. Now I can learn (or at least try) to learn in the privacy of my own home. Again Thanks!!!!!

bluishskin says:

No offense but belly dance is a lot more attractive when performed by women with curves. These girls are TOO SKINNY.

MeemsAsakura says:

i love your video, it helps a lot for my classes !! Which song is from the background?

shineofsirius says:

Fantastique! Merci!


Great video

yasminah87 says:

what is the name of the first music the rythm please?

chabear316 says:

that looks fun!!! 🙂


wth wheres part 2

Rajesh Cooper says:

This was very helpful… WHAT AM I SAYING!!! No offense, but it did NOT help.

XxXBleedingluverXxX says:

id love to do these without getting weird looks

MakeshiftMisery says:

I think everyone is clumsy in the beginning. It’s all about sticking with it and fine-tuning. :] And practice, of course!

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