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ANDRESSA SOARES MUITO GOSTOSA dança o créu em homenagem à vitória do Flamengo


cosmikevil says:

Los niños disque se la estan cojiendo XD XD

Ray Mauricio Mansilla Parra says:

mira los niños atras xD !
jajajaj aver quien se la hagarra primero 

Ray Mauricio Mansilla Parra says:

puta madre que buena esa minina xD

teonieddy says:

Sexy that when u get off 12 hour shift..

lukefahn says:

she thick as hell but she probably a hoe, if she was over here she would be getting smashed by all the rappers.

oscra brenal says:

i CAN DIE NOW.  d..b

Vyrchuoso says:

little dude in the back, act like he know what to do with all that ass! hell naw!

GetFitDontQuit says:

lol in brazil and other countries they do this to them is cool to be an actually hoe and slut makes you popular and all the girls look up to you they wear thongs on national tv and dance i know this cause im from Brazil but move to american at teen age and saw that in american its bad nasty and guys treat different!(:

luisgodines5 says:

Plz ppl dnt hate what u can not imatate okk

thevillian703 says:

look closely the little kids in the back are pretending to hump the air.I bet they no what there doing wishing it was her.

arELem2 says:

for the kids

NYC Cam says:

she’s doing that in front of kids?? what a slut!

Aaron Brown says:

so beautiful

Salistar Smythe says:

If the vids are of her only dancing, or just being shown naked, it’s Andressa. If she’s actually getting fucked and giving head, it’s Monica. Believe me, I know lol

luke curnuttee says:

no! i know that ass its her

Salistar Smythe says:

Just doesn’t do porn. You may be mixing her up with Monica Santhiago.

Salistar Smythe says:

I’d fuck her ass with my face

KOF107 says:

she pop pussy betta than a sister

luke curnuttee says:

1:09 the kids on the right are thinking DAMN id tap it

luke curnuttee says:

yep just Google Andressa Soares porn and there is a teaser on some sites but there is alot of free vids mate.

WRAFofzelichking says:

she did not? 😮

luke curnuttee says:


euterpe131 says:

What kids? Where??

DickiesAndChucks88 says:

The two people who disliked this were her parents

Shushhhful says:

Jealousy attack..

snapper93204 says:

They all went home and masturbated

davidson2004fatboy says:

Nice ROLE MODEL for the kids, teach them how to be a BIMBO !!!

euterpe131 says:

God bless Brazil!

brickcity7800 says:

Kids nowadays see and hear far worst than this while at home with their parents

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