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Shot & Edited by Jeff Roy, (951)323-1651, VisioneerMedia dot com An amazing salsa-style dance from a wedding reception in 2007. The dancers and Alien Ramirez and Alex Da Silva, a choreographer from the TV show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. They obviously can!


Vidas Lileikis says:

Perfect 😉

JC4crs says:

Yeah EXCEPT that dude Alex da silva is in STATE PRISON RIGHT NOW for MULTIPLE RAPES

just search his name and the word PRISON CONVICTION RAPE etc

Audrianna Wallace says:


meryakalay130 says:

me gustó el baile 🙂

korbay71 says:

Alex DaSilva and Alien Ramirez

Joanna Szatkowska says:

they are the most amazing dancers I’ve ever seen! I love them!!

totangoforever says:

Woooowwwwwwweeeeeeee….. That was superfragalistic are you kidding me???????
Love it!

Tây Sở Bá Vương Hạng Vũ says:

OMG I Like it ^^….

mamboslave1 says:

great dancers..Who r they & where is this at/country?

neşe taş says:

oh my god.ı love latin culture and boy.ı am turkish but ı feel latin.ıts culture the best and the hottesst.;)

r1a12 says:

amaazing dancers

i like them

Cancant Can says:

dans budur 🙂

warriorsoul28 says:

is that salsa?

violentvioletvertigo says:

Agreed!!! 😀 They had me smiling too! They are amazingly fluid!

nesa1D says:

wooooow just amaaaazing *-*

ziassam abwan says:

amasing dancers

ziassam abwan says:

i love latin dance so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Maria Sea says:

Keep dancing!!!!! <3 🙂


?song name

wiggdogg says:

Allez Alien Ramirez, Allez!!

Евгений Карелин says:

СУПЕР !!! 🙂

DemkVan says:

i bet their SEX life is great 🙂

alamc200 says:

Of course they are professional dancers, instructors & choreographers..that’s Alex Da Silva, who used to teach in the San Franciso area then was choreagrapher on tv show “So you think you can Dance”…but was arrested for sexual assault of his dance students in early 2012.

IceLady669 says:

They have got muves :****

ildiko bogdan says:


acevesgac says:

Plástico….no alma….

Nan2k10 says:

My god these two couples can DANCE. I mean WOW

sAd tRue says:


rudarlz1 says:

Sonia & Selena - Deja que mueva, mueva, mueva

samtube1969 says:

they are amazing, they are enjoying their dance to the full , i love it

Lil D says:

I’ve never seen as nice dancers as they are! …. !! They dance so well together

gaby espiino says:

luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv it

Evan Harris says:

I was genuinely enjoying the video until I saw that his dress shirt had LO-VE bedazzled onto the back

Mateusz Radwan says:

what is the name of this song?

ScissorRilla says:

jebamu mater….:D
svaka cast!!

MrVlahbre says:

She is sweet, nice clip jebemu Mamu

Marie Brew says:

She needs a foot rub after that dance!

Liz Marbl says:

does anyone else think she looks like dora in her 20’s

cupcakeYT says:

wooooooooooooooooow love it!

ofistekisofistike says:

vay anasını

анастасия черкасова says:


анастасия черкасова says:


Zajanaja says:

wooooooowwwwwwwwew great!

ahmadimaryam31 says:


XFriendsForNeverX says:

I think their big, happy, smiles just makes it all the more awesome!
And she does it in heels. I can’t even look at heels without losing balance.

xosobanekogodiste says:

Hot,fun,flirting,its so amazinnng!

xosobanekogodiste says:

hahaha bravo !

BEE T says:

did you just copy the top comment?

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