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Presented by: Imperial Productions, LLC. Rex Lewis • Stephan & Denise Krauel 822 Cassia Street Redwood City, CA 94063 Tel: (650) 366-0504 Fax: (650) 472-9266 [email protected] Videography by Paradigm Digital


seravi says:

Flesh color shoes make the legs look longer. Silver or black shoes would cut the legs short at the ankles.


That first female dancers outfit was a hit!

gabiijute says:

Yeah! (Tripical) by Chino Espinoza

cribeiro5 says:

: The track is ‘Sor Turka’ by Serdar Ortac.

HisRubyEyess says:

I have the same name as her 😀

Sofie Strien says:

I like to know how the song is called around 2:50? Looks great!

JamieMallikaRay says:

They are special salsa shoes. Female salsa dancers usually get that color so that it matches the floor…they don’t want anyone noticing their mistake….unless if your like a the BEST you can wear black or any other color.

luisadeluca1 says:

whats the name of the song at 1.00? xx

BollyQueen92 says:

what is the song called at 3:18?

MillyMollyMoppyPoop says:

Serdar Ortac - Sor

luisadeluca1 says:

what are all the songs called please?? xx

blondiebug99 says:

3:54 Isn’t this female and male couples only?

MsThehappyface says:

Adore salsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EGUZMANification says:


MRIYBR says:

is this the salsa dancing?

Rolsvt says:

I think she looks good, I find in life it is better to compliment people when you like what they are wearing, if you don’t then you should keep your opnion to yourself, afterall it isn’t you that is wearing it is it?

MsPup13 says:

what’s the name of the song around 3:14?

polishbloo says:

Tu y yo by paulina rubio

janarosem says:

Chino Espinoza “Yeah! Como Goza mi Morena”

charmingemily says:

the first girl’ shoulder moves a lot. is that normal?

Kimberley Wells says:

wat is the name of 182s song ?

Astyleteam says:

what´s the song at 1:00…thats great…=)

kavya1027 says:

what’s the song that dmitri and the girl in peach dance to? around 3:00 mins

AdancersAlone says:

what is the second cha cha song?

k3vy911 says:

What’s the name of the First samba song ?^

rynie88 says:

red as in red n black doing cha.
most songs in here are awesome

rynie88 says:

the only dress i like was the second last couple peach dress..
i like the first guys dancing very dynamic
couple in red very strong connection

irongrip333 says:

the dress like mermaid

ncoquioc says:

Actually, Cecilia’s outfit is strikingly beautiful on her.

Laura Leung says:

do you have the song file?

21titans says:

tu y yo by paulina rubio

Laura Leung says:

what’s the name of the first samba song? could somebody send it to me…

RhinestoneLover says:

What’s the name of the Cha Cha around 2:12? Thanks!

RhinestoneLover says:

La Falsa Moneda by Buika (although it seems they slowed it down for the comp)

Nungirl238 says:

The first girl’s outfit was a big mistake.

iamjp nyc says:

hay Amores by shakira

AlmostTan says:

What’s the name of the Rumba song at 1:40?!?

doidinha50 says:

SF Marriott hotel near SFO

lepetitdancer says:

Paradigm, where in San Francisco are these events held? Loving the new vids.

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