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Os outros vídeos foram reportados como truncados. Obrigada a todos pelos avisos. Bem, aproveite agora para curtir o gatinho Créu em alta definição! The other videos seem to have been corrupted. Thanks to everyone that reported this to me. Well, now you can enjoy Créu in clear HD! ***** Muitos internautas entram no Site Oficial do gatinho Créu procurando a ‘Música do Créu’. Porém, o personagem nunca esteve relacionado com a canção e seu autor (Sérgio Costa, ‘MC Créu’). Assim, devido à grande demanda, decidimos presentear nossos fãs com esta paródia em animação inédita, resultado de tão divertida coincidência! Divirta-se com o gatinho Créu interpretando sua própria dança, o grande sucesso que fez o Brasil inteiro balancar o bum-bum! WWW.CREU.COM.BR ***** Many users visit Créu cat’s Official Website and look for the ‘Créu Song’. However, the character never had anything to do with the funky dance and its author (Sérgio Costa, ‘MC Créu’). Due to the huge amount of requests, we decided to bring you this never-before-seen animated parody… a result of such funny coincidence! Enjoy Créu the kitty interpreting his very “own” dance, the big Brazilian hit that makes everyone shake their butts! WWW.CREU.COM.BR

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lucarioand flame says:

When will the website be done?

kjax281 says:

If u read this comment u cant stop cuz chuck Norris is gonna come to ur house if u don’t post this on 10 videos in less than 5 minutes if u fail chuck Norris will choke u with one of ur jeans…



Graypool456 says:


EdXLover1 says:

I think brazilian.

Zetara Prime says:

What language is this?

maddygarden says:

Lol cat butts xD

Akuma Kanji says:

honestley the kitty bum swaying hypnotized me @[email protected]

LoLnOtNoRmAl says:

what does Creu mean?

LoLnOtNoRmAl says:

the computer overloaded because it was too fast, i exploded because….. T-t-T-TOO MUCH KITTIES…. AHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

WolfsRain857 says:

There is another one with the black cat doing the caramelldansen dance but i thought she liked the créu dance ._.

mollysuecornett says:

Crrrruuuuu’e I’m a cat cruuuuuuuu’e X3

TheAbbyDuncan says:

I think I am psychodic hypnosed.

jean mouloude says:

*3* chuck norris did the 5 xD

flubbeflabber says:

O_O OMG! I think I have to subscribe to you!

MoonlightTheKittyKat says:

Its 2012 now and I’m watching it!

Cece Kimba says:

Ok NOW I understand all of this!!!

leafions says:

Such good animation, it really inspires me:3

falloutmuse says:

2012 maintenant %D

Larissa Araujo says:


littlewarriors4 says:

Did the computer explode?

ida josefine says:

cool! love it XD

bluefrostcat says:

0:35 no tails lol

amirah taylor says:

-enter epic smile here-

WolfclawScar says:

Thumbs up if yer’ watching this in 2012

PepsehXD says:

i like the part where it says Creu

PriPriVer says:

Next month 😉

pepifishify says:

Okay! X3
When will you graduate? 😀

PriPriVer says:

Thank you! I will definitely go back into making many more as soon as I graduate 😉

PriPriVer says:

Adobe Flash

PriPriVer says:

Nope, it’s my voice. I think I was 20 or 21 when I made this video 😉

PriPriVer says:

Indeed, yet when I created these characters more than 10 years ago, I baptized the white kitty ‘Creu’ because it’s the sound cats make when they meow while purring 🙂 By no means I intended it to be vulgar, yet when this song came out I couldn’t resist making a parody of it 😉

pepifishify says:

Theese cats need more videos T3T
love the animations!

pepifishify says:

thumbs up if your watching dis in 2012 :’3

FartKingification says:

You now the white cats in the back are shakeing there ass

FartKingification says:

They should make a video for the girl black cat

SandraKitteh says:

We need more videos of these cats!

clubpenguin11109 says:

que fofinho meu deus

XXowlfeatherXX says:

Anyone else notice their tails dissapear when they start dancing e3e.

CuteKovuKitten says:

Nope. 2012 😛

xXLilasx3 says:

@fdragon2 Créu is soud of sex.

DaChristian101 says:

Awww! Now I feel bad. ^^; When I saw “Caramelledancen vs. Creu'”. I went ALL the way with Caramelle cuz’ I didn’t know the rest of Creu’s song. ^^;;; Although now, after hearing it, I still like Caramelledancen a little more. <:P

AmberGemCat says:


ThirdDevision says:

my cat “creu”s 

Joe Rodrigez says:

god damn it i only speak central american spanish

Honeytan96 says:

I have never heard a cat go “creu” I’ve heard “meow” but not “creu”

maxludo1 says:

thumbs up if you still whatch this in 2011

RavenFeatherKills says:

He sounds like he is constepated at the first stage.

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