Cop Becomes the Life of the Party With His Impressive Salsa Dancing

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This officer is supposed to maintain law and order on the roads, but apparently anything goes on the dance floor. LAPD motorcycle officer Booker stopped by a Cuban American Music Festival and apparently couldn’t help himself. Armed with a dance partner and some sick moves, he became the life of the party. People have been checking out his impressive salsa skills ever since the LAPD posted this video to Twitter.’s Mara Montalbano ( has more.


lunaticxgurl says:

look at those sexy hips lol

Royce Hampton says:

I am not racist I am a black 15 year old

RunGo says:

Капитан сыр Джек Проппер

john ayacko says:

@0:07 he grabbed her boobs.

S E Rathmann says:

Now that's awesome!

Abacuc Contreras says:

Nice way to burn donut calories.

JAY DEE says:

Cool ….nice moves officer

weILL says:

Congratulations, he dances salsa very well..

Gaylord says:


Rosa Antonetti says:

Officer Booker has some serious moves…awesome.

Said Orta says:

Never skip leg day

Tasha Really says:

Papi chulo!!

Tasha Really says:

Wow he rocked it!!

VollsXL Oputa says:

does lightning McEwen buy car ensurenc or life insurance I've wonder since I was three and my life has been complete without knowing please tell me I don't know why I'm on earth without know the answer please help.

723lion says:

like a boss

Ιτζ•ΜΞ •YεΑ says:

Where's the Salsa

Sloth Armstrong says:

That officer deserves that titty grabbin'. Dance on galan~

Scott K says:

People out here getting shot and this dude is salsa dancing?

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