Beginner Intermedium Pole Dance Combos (Sean Paul- Rockbye)

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Some Beginner Intermedium Combos that I like to teach in my classes, mostly in spin.


mohab ossama says:

wooow !
<3 <3

susalucas says:

Wow! I've just started pole dancing and I love your style, it's inspiring.

James Miller says:

you where grate & wonderful very sexy

Dana Kravets says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this video!!! You helped me a lot!

chokoretoheart says:

How long have you been doing pole dance? I recently just give it a try and your video inspires to give my best! 🙂

Anna-anna Loli says:

Hi !!!! this is so beautiful !!!! I have a question for you please you say you ar beginner but when you are start for arrived at that ? thanks

Birbiri Bu says:

I wanna start pole dancing so bad but i feel like I'm not fit enough:( any advice to getting fit?

Shereece A says:

What's the move at 1:14 called? How does she pick up momentum in that move? and how does she maintain the spin between fireman into the thigh hold?

Jane P says:

you make it looks so easy! so slow and controlled, you are amazingly strong! people have no idea how hard it is to do this until they try it for themselves. I can only do a fraction of this and I thought I was getting somewhere but you've inspired me to try harder!

Alexandra Methé says:

Awesome combos, I would love to see more of this type of video from your studio. Great job! 🙂

Magdalena Gorša says:

great video!!

Justice Minney says:

where do I buy the pole?

James Miller says:

you where wonderful very nice very sexy:)

BSandBubbles says:

This video is so beautiful and inspiring, thank you ! I would love to see tutorials.

Pitufina Taotao says:

divinooo me encanto

Sarah Nome says:

Thanks a lot, it's perfect for my level. I have to work on combo!!

Liane Chambers says:

so how is this beginner

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