Mulher melancia dança o créu

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girl dance creu.


spartan jones says:

Kids really? Lol

netuber12 says:

yea what the fuck are this kids doin in the backround? and why is she
dancin in front of them? lol Who gives a fuk she look sexy a fux any way

djmrnelson says:

Its hard to get a hard-on when you have children in the background. Can
someone use some type of video editing software and take all the kiddies
out? hurry, the lotion is drying up. thanks in advance.

who2486 says:

That’s a very popular dance in Brasil everyone is doing it even kids.

lolaoooo says:

Amo muiito Tudo isso , ♥

Kellystarrr says:

oh that is Discusting. Kids there man. ANy wondr sewxual dieases, single
Mothers are high in Brazi.

RedSkullthagreat says:

@Kellystarrr And I bet you NOT ONE of them turn out gay!! HAHAHAHA

xxxsmd says:

bitch u sayed i will show you some sports move in the end you just wanna
show us your ass!

JDiZZ2Real says:

[email protected]:10 that boy in Da Red pants looks like he’s touching himself

faresgarb says:


Gladys Perez says:

hey how much exercise do you do a day and are they if you understand my

Marcelo Oliveira says:

mulekadinha perdendo a linha!!! ahahah

aleckzz says:

pretty unprofessional theory

jatoree4u3 says:

[email protected] the kids in the background.. what the hell!!!

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