Mulher Melancia best dance!!!!! | Creu Dance Videos

Mulher Melancia best dance!!!!!

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Momir Milekic says:


wellsilva48 says:


Mirjana Diaz says:


jeanjf21 says:

Ela é mt gostosa,qr come ela kkk

Miguel Angel Rijo says:


carmo pit bull says:

muito baum mulher melancia sou seu fa

fatiixaasayegh says:


miyah edmond says:

Bitch you ugly and fat af

mohamed sameer says:

still ugly and fat

acb1to9 says:

Quero foder!

SHK CrAfT says:

22 now

alvinio dorine says:

bigest asss i love you

Mohamed Badawy says:

now 20

southernhustle007 says:

wow…bit of a hater. check out her squat video, where she works out to get her ass like that.

southernhustle007 says:

Its wrong to fall in love so quickly; for such an obvious reason. Yet; its happening… Viva La Watermelon!!

somewhatshy says:


thuggsstillfly says:


rsabas94 says:

Ay mama tienes un rico cucu!!!!

cribosa1 says:

asi te agarro puta 

Chinky4twen says:

My mother in law has ass like that… :)

killertel12 says:

Wat yo num

Nubbaby says:

Why did I get married!

8lanina says:

Nice back fat. Shes not cute. Shes fat

Emanuel Nistor says:

That’s stupid but I would have put her to suck my dick just because she put me to watch her =))

Jony Rb says:

la cancion esta del asco… pero ella Uff! 100% rico!

demetrioalejo says:

Com todo o respeito, mas o momento que eu vi você me excita e eu tive que consolar-se com o vídeo, LOL

jose miguel lopez castro says:

que se sentira tener en la cama a esa mujer se me hace que se me para el corazon en igual que otra cosa asy la dejamos

Neiva Nascimento says:

vc arrasa, ném, deixa esses invejosos pra lá!

southernhustle007 says:

Anyone else watching this at work ??? lol

southernhustle007 says:

Women like her are the reason NOT to get married; single men have hope lol…

Hero7418 says:

I am hard at this time.

mradb99 says:


mradb99 says:


53Aks53 says:

i would fuck this booty so good man

DonSklz123 says:

Wth is this song and corny dance…

truejusticeseeker says:

Wow…what a sensual and sexy woman. Attractive,alluring,seductive and such a sensual body. She’s so hot!

MariahMusicDenmark says:

whats the name off this song!! ? :o

MeLlamoEddie says:

This was my cousins dance instructor in Brazil. But she didn’t teach my cousin how to dance like she taut her samba.

donia974 says:


NicoMinaj says:

She’s getting it (;!

xxpacman1 says:

hay wey no mames :o

flaco2386s says:


AndreiosTube says:

Hello! Have you tried the maximus muscle 247 workout (just google it)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my sister gained lots of muscle with it.

BigBlue0002 says:

Gorgeous… J Lo has got NOTHING on this spicy latina. That’s it; I’m taking a “spanish as a second language” class.

macsuel00 says:


everardo vazquez says:


Andrei Amador says:

How to distract a man anything that is doing?

jakethereid1234 says:


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