Sexy Hot Brazilian Dance Girl Dancing Brazil Music

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Esmeralda dancing baila si brazilian dance from brazil sexy


alzer66699 says:

يعرصهن ابو علي


She is playing around but ! She can dance very well

yingtao12 says:

She got a nice butt tho ;)

Bfahey82 says:

To rickyd1967 what I seen she got no moves she just jumping all around like she don’t no how to dance if that’s what u like in bed then u don’t no what good in bed is 🙂

anahelena79 says:

nothing brazilian about this song or dance…

margarita0422 says:

lol thats not brazilian

hiptojive says:

this is obviously Spanish. I LOVE the song. Esmeralda, which song is this?

Aislan Diego says:


kingofcomfort711 says:

She’s having fun with that so I’m mad kool about se baila asi!!! Eessoo eehhhh!!

Edwin Heeremans says:

agraiable!! everybody critisice……….play your own and record your own. Lovely, i feel their joy in that moment. She moves…………….

supersexytammra says:

im hotter

supersexytammra says:

im hot

carlos eduardo says:

she´s not a brazilian girl ando this´not a brazilian dance ! no way !

3113641256 says:


debbiepagliuso says:

totaly shit and is not from BRAZIL(2)

Murillo Louiz Castros says:

Ela não é brasisileira!

Aislan Diego says:

She’s not brazilian AT ALL.! 😉
We do not speak Spanish…

MissBrazil1989 says:

what the fuck!?


For some reason, I like her ass…she had a little bit, but her attitude makes her cute, maybe even sexy…in a weird way…

steeluman says:


carols2dp says:


c477681 says:

She is not brazilian fuck

edgaeleo says:

oye brasileña que buen culo tienes

DarthMetalFairy says:

ajajajajajajajajajaja wtf????

RickyD1967 says:

This girl’s a NUT. I bet she’s wild in bed though you can tell!

marcinh13 says:

thats not from brazil…!!!
im from brazil and thats shit !!!

Studentdylz84 says:

There’s nothing Brazilian about this!

NinaMarie6320 says:

ummm no not sexy. that voice ahh!

andersonguilherm says:

Not Brazilian music and girl

Wendy Samuels says:

LMAO!!! that was good in a really hilarious sort of way…..bien hecho!!!!

capricorneous says:

whats the name of the song

deewright1 says:

i am rolling on the floor laughing…but you look like someone who likes to have a lot of fun…do your thing girl!!!

charo71 says:

alguien sabe el nombre de la cancion?

EsmeraldaTV says:

Shakira learned all her dance-moves from me
(but don´t tell anybody).

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